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We are manage that all health care organizations from the financial cost of the construction of work, medical devices, equipments, management and the creation of organizational structures, business consulting and many other subjects, provide installations and controls. Basically our priorityinstead of making with the customer not win from the customers. We serve, especially Turkey, Turkish Republics (Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, etc.), Africa(Nigeria, Comoros, etc.), Europe (Germany, etc). All questions and get information from us about what you want to know.



Our partners and producers sucess in their field with most of awards like patend and brads. Vega is providing you sales, after sales services, spare parts, repair etc. with European Standard (TS EN ISO 9001:2008, TS EN ISO 13485:2003) SZUTEST certifications. Our partners and producers from Germany, Japan, Francei Austria, England, USA, South Korea, Italy etc. We can not separate products, cost and service from each others quality, performance and price with optimum, competative condition in our world.

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